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Gutsy Women Finances is a community of women who are driven to master their money, and live their best lives. By joining us, you are saying "YES" to a future that you determine, not one based on circumstances and luck. A future that feeds your priorities and passions. A future of possibilities. Are you ready to jump into that future?

There’s nothing complicated about growing your wealth.  All you need is a sprinkle of basic math, the magic of time, the belief that you deserve something better, and a plan that takes you from here to there.


What does Financial Freedom mean to You?

Financial freedom means that you’ve built up enough wealth so that you can choose to follow your passions and values. It’s a mindset in which your priorities drive your financial decisions and you are no longer stressed by your finances. 

Financial freedom means something different to each person. For some, it's eliminating debt. For others, it means they can trade in a high-stress career for one that provides more satisfaction. Or maybe it's taking a year off and traveling around the world. Or even . . . taking the family on the RV trip of a lifetime!

Financial freedom means:

  • Being free of money worries
  • Exploring a different way of life - one that brings you greater happiness
  • Using money in ways that are consistent with your priorities and values.

Sounds great . . . BUT 

What if I think finances are a total snooze and way too complicated? 

What if I don't believe in myself? 

I get it! I used to think that way too. Then I realized that money is a tool that you can use to design the life you want . . . the life that fits who you are, deep down inside.

 Now imagine combining that tool with a kickass community of women in your corner, cheering you on? How does that sound to you? 

Maybe it's time to stop imagining and start doing!

Be Part of our Community

YES, we are into building our wealth - so that we can get on with our dreams. We are authentic, joy-seeking women who value the peace of mind and opportunities that wealth offers. We are solo women; we are coupled women; we are women eager to build a better future for ourselves and our family.

Are you a Good Fit for our Programs?

⭐ You are motivated to reach your goals. No more excuses. 

⭐ You are eager to be part of a community of supportive and encouraging women.

⭐ You are ready to align your money with your priorities and your values.

⭐ You want to build a powerful money mindset and better habits.

⭐ You are absolutely driven to build your wealth and put an end to money worries.

⭐ You are ready to chase your dreams.

What's Inside the Gutsy Women Finances Community?

We offer a lot of bang-for-the book. In addition to downloadable tools, forums, courses, challenges, and articles, we offer two live workshops each month. Here's what's happening this summer.

Sign up for the Level that Fits your Needs

We offer three program levels - Wealth Seeker, Wealth Builder, and Wealth Accelerator. Here's what you get at each level. New conversations, resources, and events being added all the time:

The Wealth Seeker is ideal for the do-it-yourselfer. You seek a community of like-minded women and are eager to learn more in live workshops. You have some familiarity with financial basics and a pretty good idea of how to reach your version of financial freedom.

You get:

📚 A library of topics, including community updates, downloadable tools, favorite blog posts, and Money Monday videos.

💰 Exclusive offers for special events and Financial Freedom for Women weekend workshops.

📱 Forums for members to discuss specific goals - Budget Masters, Debt Slayers, Expense Slashers, Savers and Investors, Side Hustlers, FIRE Seekers, and Dreamers.

💗 Find mentors and accountability partners.

👋 An online Welcome course and template introducing you to the Dream Plan Save Do program

🔊 Two live workshops each month, covering a variety of topics, such as paying down debt, how to start investing, and envisioning your dream life.

The Wealth Builder wants a roadmap to guide her to financial freedom. You are eager to dive into the Financial Freedom Academy - our exclusive 5-step program that will lead you to financial freedom and the life of your dreams. Plus, you'd like to participate in Q&As and get a head start with a personal coaching session.

In addition to everything in the Wealth Seeker program, you get:

👩‍🏫 A comprehensive program - Financial Freedom Academy - that will guide you on your journey to financial freedom.

ℹ️ Bi-weekly Q&A sessions with Dr. Brenda

🥇 One 60-minute Wealth Builder session with Dr. Brenda

The Wealth Accelerator is ambitious and determined to create wealth on her own time schedule. You want an expert guide who works with you to create a personalized action plan and you want to accelerate your game plan by joining us in a weekend workshop.

** The Wealth Accelerator program is capped at 20 persons. **

In addition to everything in the Wealth Seeker and Wealth Builder programs, you get:

🥇 Three 90-minute Wealth Accelerator coaching sessions with Dr. Brenda

🪑 One seat in the Financial Freedom for Women weekend workshop

🚀 Personalized action plan

Meet Dr. Brenda

I'm your guide on this incredible journey. I built a 7-figure net worth after losing everything in my early 30s.

I traded in my high-pressure career to build a career as a financial coach.  My mission is to empower women to take charge of their finances, so that they can live joy-filled lives and do amazing things. 

I have a PhD in sociology and I'm a graduate of the Financial Coach Academy. Today I'm living my own brand of financial freedom - coaching as I travel the country in an RV, with my three cats. 🐈🐈🐈

I was unclear how to put a plan together in which I could believe. I now see attainable options, not just fuzzy ideas. Dr. Brenda is the real deal! - Sydnie S.


Email [email protected] for more information.

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