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Don't miss out on our super cool 'Kiss your Debt Goodbye' workshop on March 28th. It's FREE! So join the Gutsy Women Finances community and RSVP today! 🎉

Imagine cruising your finances with the same joy as hitting the open road with your best pals!

Ready to embark on an enchanting journey?

Get set to explore the whimsical Queendom of Financial Freedom! Imagine waking up every day grinning from ear to ear, without a single financial worry. You've just snagged yourself the gift of time to follow your heart's desires. Wondrous adventures and endless potential awaits in your empire of financial bliss. 

Ready to hit the road and explore? 🚗

We've got a fresh adventure planned for you each month! Once you join us, you'll get all the juicy details in your itinerary. Can't wait to see where our road trip shenanigans take us! 🌍🏞️✌️. 

Here's a sneak peek of our amazing road trip adventure:

🧭 Travel Updates – connect with kindred spirits while staying in the loop

🧭 FREE Roadside Events – leap into Zoom workshops and events for free

🧭 Visitor Guides – unravel the secrets of our destination

🧭 Travel Fund – join the Monday money quest for your dream escapade

🧭 Fueling Station – rev up your zest for life with a sprinkle of affirmations

🧭 Road Maps – etch your monthly milestones on your personal map

🧭 Rest Stop – press pause and unwind with nature's beauty in 60 seconds

🧭 Dream Hotel – drift away in our stress-free, dreamy sleep stories

🧭 Postcards – pen your memorable travel tales through words and postcards

🧭 Campfire Chat – huddle around, sip hot cocoa, and bond with fellow travelers

Ready to level up your journey with Guided Excursions? 

With the powerful WEALTH BUILDER program, you'll partner up with the amazing Dr. Brenda for an exclusive VIP experience that goes far beyond the typical Road Trip. Get ready for a wild ride of excitement, insight, and transformation! 🚀🌟

Wealth Builders get:

Excursion Activities - kickstart your journey and join an exclusive insiders-only tour with Dr. Brenda  

Meetup Room  - make connections, swap stories, and be inspired by fellow Wealth Builders

Excursion Sharing - discuss the highs and lows and work through challenges together

Toolkit – your go-to station for handy downloads and resourceful goodies

Open House - A quarterly gathering for personalized solutions and insightful chats about your progress

Ready for some fantastic excursions? You'll be polishing up your goals, mastering your budget, and crafting a life roadmap that screams "you!" Plus, boost your happiness and kick debt to the curb with some killer plans. Each journey awaits, and you're gonna rock them all.

Ready to get away and explore? Check out our incredible selection of destinations and excursions for the first half of 2023!

Fancy a ride on the lightning-fast Bullet Train to the prosperous Queendom of Financial Freedom?

The Financial Freedom Academy has got you covered! Hop on board and journey through five awe-inspiring stops, each offering easy-peasy, step-by-step guidance. Feel free to explore at your leisure, there's no rush - take your time or zip right through! 

Meet your Road Trip Friends

We're a lively bunch of genuine, fun-loving gals and nonbinary buddies who appreciate the good vibes and chances that moolah brings. Unapologetically sassy, we're all about creating a fab future while being hardworking, wise cookies. But don't be fooled, we know there's more to living than just chasing the dollar. We're all about embracing life's grand adventure and seeing where the journey takes us, one road trip at a time!

Meet Your Navigator, Dr. Brenda

Buckle up, because I'll be your trusty navigator on this epic adventure. You see, I've made quite the comeback - from facing financial ruin in my 30s to becoming a 7-figure wonder.

I ditched my stress-filled career and blossomed into a mission-driven financial coach, dedicated to helping fierce women take control of their moolah and create blissful lives filled with things that make their hearts sing.

With a PhD in sociology and my trusty Financial Coach Academy degree by my side, I'm now adventure-bound in an RV, spreading savvy money tips with my trio of feline friends by my side. 🐈🐈🐈 

Let's hit the financial freedom highway together!

I was unclear how to put a plan together in which I could believe. I now see attainable options, not just fuzzy ideas. Dr. Brenda is the real deal! - Sydnie S.

We are Committed to . . . 

  • Demolishing the scare tactics, deceptive jargon-filled marketing, and judgmental attitudes of the male-dominated financial industry. We choose to create a business founded on trust, support, education, and access.
  • Achieving economic and social justice. We believe in raising the finances – and the voices – of women who have been ignored or ridiculed in policy discussions.


Email [email protected] for more information.

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